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herminimal is specialised in brand designs and known for its minimalistic style. We focus on creating a simplistic concept of designs that is memorable and visually appealing for the business.

Whether you're just starting out or wanting to level up your vision, we can assist you in developing your business visuals and values.



Logo Design | Brand Identity | Print Design | Custom Graphic Design | Marketing Materials | Product Photography | Social Media Management | Web Design


Thinking of getting or changing a logo? But not sure how to start? We've got you covered!

Having a decent logo is as important as having the name of the brand, logo is how people see us as a business and often is the first that catches their eyes at a glance. If you have an idea on how your logo to look like or not at all, we can talk and discuss about it and give you all the possible solutions to make this changing happen!

Thinking of doing a collab? If you're one of those people or businesses who are searching for other creative to work on a particular project together, we're here open for ideas and happy to be part of it! Kindly send your proposal and we'll read it through and see what we can achieve together! We always love working with like-minded people and create cool stuff!

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